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Toshiba - Toshiba Onsite Service

Toshiba are the only manufacturer in the UK with their own service department that provides onsite servicing for label printers, with a field service of over one hundred engineers across the country.

What printers can be repaired onsite?

All current models of industrial printers (see below) can be serviced onsite including the B-SX series and B-EX series printers. Some older models can also be serviced, for more information please see Discontinued Printers. Desktop and mobile models are not suitable for onsite servicing and instead can be repaired by the Toshiba workshop.

How quickly will I see an engineer?

Toshiba onsite services are available Monday to Friday, 9.00 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. and operate under a priority system; printers covered by a service contract have a response target of eight working hours, and all other call outs have a target response of five working days.

How much will an onsite service call cost?

There are three types of charge associated with servicing printers: an engineer call out fee; labour and parts.

  • Engineer call out fee: a flat rate fee of £90 which includes 30 minutes of labour. If the service requires more than one visit, or more than one printer is serviced at the same time, this is charged only once.
  • Labour: charged at £1.10 per minute pro rata. For example if an engineer takes one hour and fifteen minutes you will charged for 75 minutes, which is £82.50.
  • Parts: if required to repair the printer these are chargeable unless covered by either the printer warranty or print head warranty. For prices on specific parts please contact us for a quote.

Should an engineer be unable to repair the printer while onsite the next course of action is to uplift the printer to Toshiba’s workshop. The workshop has a minimum labour charge of two hours (£132). Any parts required to repair the printer not covered by either a service contract or warranty will be quoted for before being fitted.

Repairing printers under warranty

All industrial Toshiba printers purchased in the UK come with an extended warranty. If the printer develops a fault within three months following installation, any onsite service will have the engineer call out fee and labour charges waived. If the printer develops a fault after three months, parts will still be covered by the printer warranty; however the engineer call out fee and labour will be chargeable. For more information see Toshiba printer warranty.

Thermal print head warranty

All models of Toshiba printer have a separate warranty for the thermal head. If the print head is replaced and it outside the terms of the print head warranty, it will be chargeable along with the platen roller whether the printer has a service contract or not. For more information see Toshiba print head warranty.

What happens if I don’t want a part fitted?

You are entitled to refuse parts to be fitted and the engineer will not force you to have parts fitted. If you need to check what the cost of a certain part will be, please contact us as engineers are not able to advise on prices.

How to book an onsite service call

For existing and new customers please contact us and provide details of:

  • the printer serial number(s)
  • a brief description of the fault(s)
  • a suitable contact and telephone number
  • an order number or reference

The service call will be booked with Toshiba who allocate a call number to each printer. The engineer can only service printers with a call number, so if you need more than one printer to be repaired, details must be provided on all machines when the call is booked.

Before booking with Toshiba, we will attempt to diagnose the cause of the fault to ensure that the engineer has an necessary parts when they arrive. Sometimes parts will need to be ordered and sent to the engineer before the call will be despatched. For common parts this is usually the next working day, but it can take longer for uncommon parts.

How to request a repair

All requests for an on-site call out or a return to base repair are administered by Progressive ID Ltd.

When booking please state the following:

  • Your name, company and contact number
  • Serial number(s) for the printer(s)
  • Brief details of the fault

Content updated 04 January 2016