Auto ID (AIDCAutomatic identification and data capture)

Auto ID is the method, hardware, software and training to collect data and input electronically into a computer system without the means of human interaction. The automation of such data can then be used for reporting, verification, or product stock management.

Our staff at Progressive-ID have hands-on produce-industry experience with common technologies of Auto ID such as Barcode verification, QR Code product ID, vision inspection solutions, stock management and RFID.

We continuously work along-side new and forthcoming technologies and solutions with leading manufacturers to ensure we have the latest knowledge in the AutoID field, this allows us to be ready to advise and brainstorm solutions for our customers. Using our partners we can create all in one solutions, merging AutoID hardware with specialist labelling software to produce an automation solution to suit your requirements within your production process.

We can also provide servicing for Axicon ISO Verifiers direct with our partner Axicon, this involves a strip-down service, full factory calibration of the unit and a new calibration pack.

If you have any questions or queries please feel free to contact us.