Toshiba thermal transfer ribbons are relied on by business the world over to produce vital high quality labels for every application. Toshiba ribbons are available in various grades to suit virtually any application in every market, from mass produced short-term label printing and RFID tags, up to highly specialised identification techniques using advanced resin products.

Quality and accuracy are critical for companies producing large quantities of barcodes that need to be successfully scanned. Barcode rejection and return of products is a costly business error on many levels.

Perfect match for Toshiba Thermal Printers

Before a ribbon receives a certificate of approval by Toshiba, it must first undergo stringent tests to ensure its continuity and reliability in the field. To achieve this, tests are carried out on a variety of receiving materials, and at every speed and temperature combination. These tests are also carried out on each printer type. Only once the tests are completed and deemed successful, will the ribbon receive a certificate of approval.

Toshiba is a world leader in thermal printing technology and is committed to the continual development and refinement of its unequalled range of thermal ribbons. Designed and manufactured to truly demanding industry standards there is no better choice.

Wax Thermal Ribbons

Where there is light direct contact or handling. General purpose usage, ideal for warehouse packaging — bin and shelf edge labelling, box end packaging.

Wax-resin Thermal Ribbons

Where there is frequent direct contact or handling or printed image is subject to outdoor elements. Ideal applications include transport and logistics, warehousing and distribution, manufacturing, retail — swing tags and hang tags — and specialist retail industries.

Resin Thermal Ribbons

Where printed image is subject to extreme conditions and heavy direct contact including abrasion, heat or chemical contact. Ideal for use in industrial, electronic, chemical, pharmaceutical, automotive and textile industries.