Toshiba AG4 Thermal Ribbon (Wax-Resin)

A premium, high durability wax-resin the AG4 fills the gap between cost of blended structure and the mechanical resistance of full resin models.



The AG4 is a super premium wax-resin for edge and near-edge printers. Developed to fulfil applications requiring extra mechanical resistance but not warranting the use of a more costly full resin product.

The AG4 grade is an extremely versatile product performing well on a range of substrates, from uncoated to glossy papers and synthetic materials. It will withstand heat up to 110° C and has a blackness of 1.6 ODR—equating to crisp black print.

As with all Toshiba approved ribbon products, its superior back coating offers the very best in printhead protection.


  • Excellent smudge and scratch resistance.
  • Multi-receptor compatibility.
  • Very good quality at high speed printing.

Additional information

Ribbon Properties

Chemical Resistant, Heat Resistant, Textile Specialist

Ribbon Substrate



Technical Specification


  • Ink type: Wax-resin
  • Melting point: 85° C (185° F)
  • Film thickness: 4.5 μm max
  • Back coating: Silicone based
  • Ribbon thickness: 9 μm max
  • Optical Density Reflection: 1.6 min


  • Ribbon is antistatic build up treated: 12 months, 5 to 35° C (40–95° F), 20–80% relative humidity.


  • Black
  • Silver

Compatible Printers

  • Toshiba B-SX4
  • Toshiba B-SX5
  • Toshiba B-SX6
  • Toshiba B-SX8
  • Toshiba B-EX6
  • Toshiba B-EX4