Toshiba AS3 Thermal Ribbon (Resin)

A resin ribbon developed to meet the needs of applications requiring exceptional heat, mechanical and solvent resistance.



The AS3 is a pure resin ribbon developed for printing wash care labels in the textile industry. Best suited to polysatins and nylons the printed image offers excellent resistance to dry cleaning, home and industry washing, bleach and ironing.

The AS3’s outstanding back coating prevents static build-up and clogging, providing the very best in printhead protection.

Using the AS3 in home laundry tests, the print was legible after several dozen washes at 40° C, 60° C and 90° C. In industrial laundry tests the print was legible after several washes with bleach at 60° C. For dry cleaning tests the AS3 has excellent resistance to perchloroehtylene and good heat resistance when ironing up to 200° C.


  • Excellent resistance to washing and dry cleaning.
  • Excellent printing quality on textile materials.
  • Very good resistance to ironing.

Additional information

Ribbon Properties

Chemical Resistant, Heat Resistant, Textile Specialist

Ribbon Substrate

Full Resin


Technical Specification


  • Ink type: Resin
  • Melting point: 90° C (194° F)
  • Film thickness: 4.5 μm max
  • Back coating: Silicone based
  • Ribbon thickness: 8 μm max
  • Optical Density Reflection: 1.6 min


  • Ribbon is antistatic build up treated: 12 months, 5 to 35° C (40–95° F), 20–80% relative humidity.


  • Black
  • Silver

Compatible Printers

  • Toshiba B-SX4
  • Toshiba B-SX5
  • Toshiba B-SX6
  • Toshiba B-SX8
  • Toshiba B-EX6
  • Toshiba B-EX4

Certificates and Approvals

  • Heavy Metals: EC 98/638.
  • Ames Test: The ribbon is not mutagenic, does not cause DNA modifications.
  • TSCA: The ribbon does not contain any of the toxic substances mentioned in this list.
  • CP 65: The ribbon does not contain any of the chemicals mentioned in the list.
  • EC Directives: 1994/45/EC, 2001/59/EC, 1935/2004/EC. The ribbbon does not contain any substances classified as dangerours for health.
  • UL: Legibility and durability of the printed label